Design & Vakmanschap

Elk stuk hout heeft zijn eigen karakter. Elk mens zijn eigen stijl. 

Gideon gelooft daarom in de waarde van persoonlijke meubelstukken. Bij Gideon Creations is elk meubelstuk een uniek project. Een project waar de opdrachtgever centraal staat, een project dat zich laat leiden door het materiaal, of een project dat volgt uit het creatief design van Gideon zelf; er is niet één manier om mooie dingen te maken. Volledige autonomie of in samenwerking met een liefhebber; de stijl en vindingrijkheid van Gideon Creations maken het mogelijk.

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Excellent home and living exhibition 2018

After successfully participating at the Masters of LXRY exhibition 2017, last October Gideon Creations contributed at the Excellent home and living exhibition 2018.

For everyone who appreciates classy architecture, tasteful interiors and exclusive lifestyle the Excellent show in Ahoy Rotterdam is the place to go. Very well matched for Gideon Creations and it’s own designs and craftmanship.

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Opus coffee table

This table could easily be called the magnum opus – the masterpiece – of Gideon Creations. A great deal of thought went into the design process, and the result is a piece that is intriguing from every angle. Through the highly considered use of asymmetry, the composition of this piece plays with the perspective of the viewer. A combination of confusion and balance, the Opus is a piece that will bring a lot of warmth to a room, thanks to the wood’s deep golden, red-brown figuring.

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The Cassiopeia-tables are named after the W-shaped constellation and the vain queen of Greek mythology. These vanity tables consist of no less than 168 individual pieces, each of which have been cut and placed with great care. These tables had been floating around in Gideon’s head for a long time before they became reality. What initially started as some components and the idea to make a clock, has now been interwoven into an intricate, contemporary table design.

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Gideon Creations at Masters of LXRY

Gideon Creations is proud participant of the Masters of LXRY 2017. This yearly event in the RAI Amsterdam shows the crème de la crème in the world of luxury goods and services. With a special 2017 Design Edition, Gideon cannot be missed.

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